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The Moradabad Smart City Limited (MSCL) under their PAN City Projects, have envisaged implementing ICCC across Moradabad city. MSCL plans to utilize information technology to modernize key functions of city operations including Traffic Management, Traffic Control, Traffic Law Enforcement, Security and Safety, E-governance, Municipal Operations, Information Dissemination etc.

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Moradabad is basically known for its historic background. The local administration of Moradabad comes under the purview of Moradabad Nagar Nigam, which is in-charge of housing and sanitation, maintenance of roads and providing basic healthcare facilities, educational facilities.

Moradabad Smart web GIS application using COTS Base Enterprise GIS platform. This application will cater to the viewing, analysing, & utilizing the Geographic Information needs for citizen, department and Command Control System.

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Moradabad Smart City Ltd
Integrated Command & Control Center

The key benefits of this project is to establish a collaborative framework where input from different smart solutions implemented by MSCL.

 Application is based on COTS Base Enterprise GIS Platform.

 OGC data standards compliant Web, Mobile / Tablets to be supported.

 Application should support data compression and asynchronous map view.

 This application have query based results.